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Angie Sabourin

Artist Bio: 

My name is Angie Sabourin.  I am from the Hay River Reserve.  I create Traditional Arts and Fine Crafts.

I learned to create art through my late mother Mary Rose Sabourin at the age of 9 years.  I also learned to bead uppers, pleat the moccasins, and make mini mukluks through my auntie Delphine.

I have been creating art for nearly 65 years.

I always wanted to do traditional art since I was a child.  I was always interested in cultural activities and maintaining it throughout my years.

I like to work with strout, fur, hide and canvas.  When someone makes a personal order, such as making winter canvas moccasins or winter wrap arounds with canvas, I do what the customer wants.

There are other members of my family that create art.  They include my sister Rosa and my daughter Kim.  They do traditional beadwork.  My nephew Eugene does soapstone carvings and my neice Dezerae makes dreamcatchers.

I love to create art as it is very relaxing.  It makes me happy I am doing it and never get tired of creating new work.

Everybody likes my art, wallets, bank card holders, mini-mukluks.  They find it original and unique.

Last Updated: July 7, 2017
South Slave
Hay River Reserve
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