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Caitlin Lacey

Artist Bio: 

Caitlin was born in Saskatchewan, but has lived in Yellowknife since 1988. With a variety of different paints, Caitlin decorates her bottles with simple yet elegant designs and images. Especially popular are her pieces with a Northern theme: Inukshuks, Northern Lights, and a variety of flora and fauna. She also transforms ordinary used light bulbs into delicately painted Christmas decorations. Caitlin started experimenting with painting glass as a way to recycle beautifully shaped or coloured bottles. In addition, Caitlin loves photography and creates cards and postcards, with images from Yellowknife and around the world. She prefers her ancient Pentax Spotmatic camera, although she has been known to use her digital camera on occasion. Caitlin appreciates the art of taking a good picture and avoids “touching up” photos on the computer as much as possible.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015
North Slave
#302, 5022-52 Street
Yellowknife, NT X1A 1T4
(867) 873-5034

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