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Debbie Dillon

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I enjoy learning how to make traditional crafts as it inspires me to be more creative, teaches me patience and I like the challenge. I have taken many workshops such as making traditional snowshoes, moccasins with beaded fronts, drum making, Métis sash making and stained glass. I wanted to learn how to make beautiful beaded creations after seeing the different types of beadwork at a powwow.  I learned how to make beaded earrings by watching videos and tutorials on the internet. I have been beading for a few years and am inspired to create different styles of earrings with delica and seed beads, porcupine quills and moosehide. I like to create my own designs and also to try to incorporate a delta braid pattern, ulu or inukshuk for my Inuvialuit ancestry. Beading is an enjoyable hobby and I am happy that others are enjoying my creations as much as me.

Last Updated: March 2, 2018
South Slave
Fort Smith
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(867) 621-2030

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