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Gerald Joseph Poitras

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I began playing in a band at a young age.  I have always been interested in music and tried to be around it as much as possible.  My brother Norbert, Uncle Gordon Whitehead, Vern Simpson and myself, had a band in Fort Chipewyan, Alberta in 1980. We called the band, North Country Rock, and we played mostly in Fort Chipewyan and once at the Tamarac Bar at Syncrude.  The band stayed together until 1983, when Norbert moved to Fort Smith, NWT.  The band was no longer, as Norbert took all his equipment and therefore we were no longer able to make music.

In 1984, I moved to Fort Smith and didn't really begin playing until 1998, when Leonard Desjarlais, Millie Hudson and D’arcy Catholique came calling and we formed a group to play in the South Slave Friendship Festival.  Since then I have played with numerous musicians in numerous towns in the Northwest Territories, Alberta and British Columbia.  In 2007 I applied for a grant from the NWT Arts Council and was approved for a CD Project!!  I wrote some songs and asked others, such as Eddie Courtorielle, David Poitras, Theresa Goulet and Norbert if I could use their material in my CD and they all accepted my request....the rest is history!

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South Slave
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