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James MacKenzie

North Slave
(867) 446-7605
5105 47 St
5105 47 St
Yellowknife, NT X1A 1M3

Artist Story

I never turn down an opportunity to take photos. The drive to have new experiences and capture new subjects keeps me going. When I attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology for photojournalism, I got the reputation as the kid with the camera because of that drive.

I literally do take photos of everything, but one subject I really love is documenting other artists at work. Having people sharing their stories and their passions with you is contagious. When you have that raw emotion coming at you, you cannot help but want to bring the best of your work forward.

Yellowknife is my hometown and I love it for the artist community. There is no break of creativity and it is inspiring. I try to have the utmost professionalism to my work and give my clients the best moments in images. I have also moved into the world of video and mixing it with photography to create an integrated documentation of that moment in time.



Artist Bio: 

For nearly a decade, James MacKenzie of Yellowknife has been a dedicated photographer earning a reputation for his photographs of landscapes as well as portraits and events. James graduated with honours from the photojournalism program at SAIT where he was recognized with several awards for his work. His work has been featured in many documents and publications and is available for viewing through his website. His interests also extend to film and other media forms.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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