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Jonathan Churcher

North Slave
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(867) 446-1052
446 Norseman Drive
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2H8

Artist Story

I am a singer-songwriter and storyteller, and I try to infuse everything I create with insight, emotion, and humor. I find it very gratifying to write and perform songs, share anecdotes, and to play various instruments, such as guitar, harmonica and saxophone. By combining poetry and music, I can make some sense of what is going on around me. I love live performances and sharing tunes that resonate with an audience.

I perform songs on many topics including truth vs. illusion, life paths, healing journeys, interaction with nature, and natural and industrial disasters. And yes, I have a few songs about love, romantic and otherwise. Climate change, especially as it is unfolding in the NWT and amongst the circumpolar nations, is currently demanding my attention, and I have written two songs on this unsettling drama. The following is from The Troubadour's Prophecy.

Where dark of night and bright of day, longer than a season stay.
A man named Franklin, I think, will strive to sail two ships but he won't survive.
The frightened lowland people flee, they're running from a rising sea.
With no more snow on the mountain side, the hunter's relics no longer hide.
Last Updated: March 8, 2017

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