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Karl Johnston

Artist Bio: 

During 2009 I became internationally known as the first Canadian to be exhibited at the Astronomy Photographer of the year competition in London, United Kingdom, at the Royal Observatory of Greenwich. During the same year the NNSL published an article calling me "King of the Aurora." 

This was followed by Photoworld Magazine published an interview with me in Beijing, China, with the same headline.  Later on during the year I was brought on with F-Stop Gear adventure bags in St. Louis as a sponsored staff photographer under their brigade team by Adventure/Humanitarian photographer Colby Brown. 

In 2011 I was exhibited in Sydney, Australia, as one of the finalists (4th place, silver award) of the Epson International Pano Awards. My panorama, Synapse, became a 8x4' mural on a building in my hometown of Fort Smith. Since then at least 3 more murals have been erected. 

Later in 2011 I became Canadian Features Editor & Contributing writer for Let's Be Wild Magazine & It's Just Light Magazine which grew to over 200 000 visitors a month. 

A few years later, I have been published in 5 continents and awarded in 3 allowed me the ability to build up limitless skills in business management, promotion, marketing and networking. Currently, in 2016 I am working with THOMAS KOIDHIS on a book series which tells the story of all of our adventures in Fort Smith. See the facebook page for updates:

Last Updated: September 27, 2016