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Lisa Mitchell

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A Gwich'in born and raised in the south, Lisa only returned to the Beaufort Delta as a teenager.  As a natural talent, Lisa enjoyed fiddling with drawing throughout Art class in High school.  "I left art alone for quite a few years because at that point in my life I was not passionate about it."  Many moons later, Lisa picked up where she left off and decided to try an acrylic piece and it just felt right.  Lisa now currently resides in Fort Smith (South Slave) and since approximately 2013, Lisa paints using acrylics on canvas in her spare time between balancing work and family.   "My goal is to inspire people through use of positive modern slogans placing a traditional twist through imagery".  So far, Lisa has been given positive feedback and will continue to paint and see where this art form takes her.  She has many fantastic ideas and cannot get them on canvas fast enough! "It is super exciting and I feel good doing it and that is what is most important.  My form of self-care."  Lisa anticipates what the future holds in the form of her art and will keep on keepin' on.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015
South Slave
Fort Smith
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P.O. Box 993
Fort Smith, NT X0E 0P0
(867) 872-8179

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