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Martin Goodlife

Artist Bio: 

Martin Goodlife is a Northern Canadian jeweller and artist. He makes his home in Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories. He has for many years worked at a variety of jobs across the high arctic, in communities such as: Sachs Harbour, Cambridge Bay, and Inuvik, all the while persuing his interests as a Northern artist, teaching arctic jewellery making, and spokes person for the Arctic Experience.

For nearly a decade, Marin has persued a variety of arts programming, studies, teaching assignmnets, and participated in exhibitions. He is a member of a number of major Northern arts associations, the Aurora Society, the Artists of the South Slave, and the Yellowknife Artists Guild. He has participated on a regular basis at the Open Sky Festival, National Aboriginal Day Celebrations, and repeatedly at the Great Northern Arts Festival. His presence at the Great Northern Arts Festival has been significant, having repeatedly taken The People's Choice Award for Best Artist, and the Artist's Choice Award for Best of Show. His work, his dedication to his craft, and his gracious outgoing manner have won the respect of his peers and the appreciation of the public.

Nearly a decade ago Martin decided to commit his energies fully to jewellery making in the Canadian arctic. He took it upon himself to enroll in the Arctic College's "Jewellery and Metal working" program, graduating with honors, his work speaks fully to the arctic experience, employing a broad range of Northern motifs for his jewellery designs, and incorporating a wealth of indigenous Northern materials such as Yellowknife gold, Yukon mammoth ivory, walrus ivory, fossilized materials from the Arctic Ocean, musk-ox horn, caribou antler, and buffalo horn.

All of this is not suprising, as Martin is directly descended from one of Canada's greatest artists of the last century, the painter Emily Carr, who was Martin's father's great aunt. He regularily is asked to demonstrate his craft at special events.

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