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Therese Lazare Zoe

Artist Bio: 

Therese Lazare Zoe has been designing and producing a wide array of Tlicho fine arts and crafts. Therese does make traditional clothing and garments. With years of experience and strong cultural knowledge and skills, brings pride and awareness to Tlicho culture and history.

Therese and her husband Joe Lazare Zoe raised their family in Gameti, NT. They take pride in their cultural traditions and continue to do so.

Therese has faithfully worked as a custodian at Jean Wetrade Gameti School for the last 10 plus years. When not at work, Therese can be found at home immersed in her cultural activities. Cultural activities include camping, tanning hides or making dry meat. Being a northerner, resources have to be beneficial and maintained.

Therese has strong cultural knowledge and skilled in maintaining and strengthens the Tlicho through practice and livelihood. Therese is self-taught in tanning and smoking caribou and moose hide, when should supply is available.  

Last Updated: October 6, 2015
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