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Veronica Bayha (Bezha)

(867) 589-3388
P.O. Box 144
Deline, NT X0E 0G0

Artist Story

Long ago we sure worked hard. My mother passed on before I even knew about sewing so I learned from watching ladies around the community of Deline. I learned especially from Julie. Julie was very talented at sewing and very capable of tanning hides; it probably only took two rinses and her hide were always so soft and well done – I used to envy her so much.

People need items because they work on land so I would sew mitts or gloves with beads or embroidery. I make my own decisions about what to sew and I do not let anyone design patterns for me. And also choose the colours I want – I decide if I use blue beads or pink beads.

My husband and I raised seven dogs. Granny said there was no way her son was going to use an old dog harnesses. So, she tanned over 10 caribou hides.  She would soak the hides in a container with caribou brains and would hang the hides outside until they eventually turned out like soft cloths and beautiful. We sewed the seven harnesses and each stitch was done eight times over and over. I sew anything that is needed.

Artist Bio: 

Veronica is a master artist with over 50 years experience. She has gained her knowledge the traditional way, from being passed down.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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