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William Greenland

North Slave
(867) 446-1346
Box 2072 station main
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2P6

Artist Story

My musical journey began with a guitar back in the 1980s in Inuvik while I was growing up there. I would play once in a while and even wrote a few songs of my own. But I gave away my guitar when I found the flute – it is a whole new chapter of my life.

I began playing the flute in 2009 as part of my healing journey. I went to Arizona and was introduced to the Native American flute. I brought it back with me as a souvenir before realizing it was connected to me in a spiritual way. The elders down there told me to play on the land and pray with it. That is where the journey began.

For me, music is not just entertainment. It is therapeutic and can heal. It doesn’t mater what kind of music it is, there is healing in it – the words, the sounds, all of it.

When I hear people speak about things that go on in their life, I know what key of the flute I should play in. People around me inspire me to play and to write music. And what is in my heart inspires what I create. My music is a story that people get a sense of oneness, peace and calm. I play to make people feel good and get in touch with themselves.

Artist Bio: 

William Greenland is a Gwich’in Singer Song Writer, Native American Flute Player and former Radio Broadcaster who lives and works in Yellowknife Northwest Territories.

For more many years, William has been involved with music festivals as an Emcee through the NWT and Yukon he has also performed at numerous functions throughout North America.

William's quick wit and genuine style is sure to captivate audiences everywhere.


Last Updated: February 17, 2016

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