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Northern Life Museum: Canadian Artic Aviation Tour - Stories from the Sky

June 16th, 2017
Fort Smith
Northern Life Museum & Cultural Centre

Led by some of the world’s best aerobatic pilots in the coolest airplanes, the most ambitious air show project is taking to the skies! Supported by the Canadian Armed Forces, the Canadian Arctic Aviation Tour 2017 aims at bringing a spectacular air show experience to all communities in Northern Canada, including Fort Smith!

 The evening before the show performers and their crews will meet with spectators to visit and take time to exchange stories. Experiences along the tour will be shared allowing all Canadians to be a part of this truly remarkable expedition!

 Beautiful, vintage aircraft will dazzle the audience with elegant aerial displays while modern, high performance aerobatic planes will demonstrate extreme maneuvers and electrify the northern sky.

Contact Information
Northern Life Museum & Cultural Centre
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