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North Slave Region

This centrally located region encompasses both boreal and tundra terrain, stretching between the Territory’s’ two biggest lakes. This is home to the Tłı̨chǫAkaitcho and Yellowknives Dene, along with a diverse group of residents from across the country and the globe, that together weave a rich cultural tapestry in the territory’s capital city.

This land is a bountiful resource for local harvesters and artists who use raw materials from the land. Traditional arts and fine crafts preserve the region’s unique style and pass traditional knowledge onto future generations. Clothing and accessories are made from locally tanned moose or caribou hides and adorned with intricate designs of beadwork or quillwork. The centuries-old tradition of drum making is a vital part of this area’s history and is being preserved through workshops and documentary films.

The capital city of Yellowknife is an eclectic, multi-cultural mix of artists and art forms. Storytellers, authors and musicians preserve oral history from the region in literary and performance arts. Contemporary artists draw inspiration from the land to create inspiring works of art. Filmmakers and photographers capture and share the spirit of living in the NWT with the world. Yellowknife’s vibrant arts scene continues to grow in diversity and frequency, with arts events happening weekly, if not nightly.

To learn more about where to Buy local art in the North Slave region click here.

North Slave Regional Updates

Industry, Tourism, and Investment Staff in the North Slave work tirelessly to support the Artists and Artisans within the region and beyond. 

In March 2014 ITI Headquarters helped launch the new NWT Arts Program. With this new program, Artists and Organizations can sign onto the website to update their profiles, add photos and/or audio files to their portfolios, add events and announcements, and join discussion forums. Artists registered with the program can pick up NWT ARTS stickers, tags, and other point of sale material from their local ITI offices. 

The Content Collection Project aims to collect the stories and images of willing Artists throughout the Territory. The Artist may use the images for their own marketing projects, and be involved in marketing project through the NWT ARTS Program. If you would like to find out more about the NWT ARTS Program and the Content Collection Project click here:

​ITI is proud to help fund workshops and training sessions across the Territory that help support Artists as they make, market, and sell their Arts and Fine Crafts. 

ITI Regional North Slave staff continue to support individual Artists and micro-businesses through Support for Entrepreneur and Economic Development (SEED) Policy. They also helped to support popular events such as: Snowking, Long John Jamboree, Canadian Dog Derby, Yellowknife Annual Trade Show, Folk on the Rocks, and Old Town Ramble and Ride, among others.